The UNC Walk-Ons are a diverse group of musicians with varying majors and interests. Our differences are integral to the eclectic energy of the group, as we are always introducing each other to new ideas and ways of moving through the world.


Julia Rafferty


Senior/Alto & Soprano

Julia Rafferty is a Junior Dramatic Arts & Media and Journalism major with a minor in Music from Southington, Connecticut. She is so excited to be President of the Walk-Ons this semester! She loves to spend her time jump roping, creating beautiful charcuterie boards, and daydreaming about being Tik Tok famous. Her favorite memory with the Walk-Ons was during her callback when the group sang “I Put a Spell on You.” She had never felt more eager to sing with people than at that moment. Soon enough, the Walk-Ons became a major support system for Julia and her home away from home while at Carolina. Julia’s favorite type of shoes is bedazzled wedge flip-flops.

Ella Luebbe

Music Director


Ella is in her fourth year with the Walk-Ons majoring Environmental Studies with a Minor in Marine Science. She enjoys juggling, ASMR, and listening to movie soundtracks. Her favorite memory while in the group is their performance at the annual Breast Cancer charity event at Elon University. It was one of the last times they sang the 2018-2019 ICCA set, and its reception by the crowd was glorious. While dangerous to pick a shoe other than the Walk-Ons signature Carolina Blue Converse, Ella's favorite shoe is undoubtably her strappy maroon Doc Marten sandals.

IMG_9356 (1).jpg

Casey Kibe

Vice President/Fundraising Manager


Casey is a Junior Management & Society major with a minor in Entrepreneurship from Lynchburg, Virginia. She is in her second year with the Walk-Ons! She religiously watches the Philadelphia76ers, loves to play the electric guitar and spends most of her time serenading her cat, Stevie. One of her first and favorite memories with the Walk-Ons was the excitement the night she found out she was in the a cappella group. As an Out-of-State student she was very lucky to find her small supportive community the second week she walked on to campus. Her Favorite type of shoe is the Firkenstock. Fake Birkenstocks.

Maggie Albert

Business Manager


Maggie is an Anthropology and Political Science double major from Waxhaw, North Carolina, currently in her second year with the Walk-Ons. She enjoys listening to new music, reading, and having deep political conversations at 3 am. She also has a three-legged dog named Lulu whom she loves very much and constantly bombards people with photos of. Her favorite memory with the Walk-Ons is her first concert with the group in Fall of 2019. She loves being a member of the Walk-Ons because she feels it is one place on campus she can truly be her authentic self and do so while making beautiful music. She loves her light pink dino stompers (aka Filas).


Russel Herrington


Sophomore/Tenor & Baritone

Russel is a sophomore from Raleigh, North Carolina majoring in Media and Journalism (Advertising) and minor in Hispanic Studies. He loves to bake, even if it doesn’t always turn out the best, and has been trying to learn the bass ukulele for two years to no avail. Russel is thrilled to be a part of the Walk-ons and is so excited for this year. He’s excited for the community found in the group as well as getting to sing with such amazing people. Russel’s favorite shoes are his blue checkered vans that are falling apart from years of use and being chewed on by his dog, Bogey.

Izzy Kosempa

Assistant Music Director


Izzy is a sophomore majoring in Music with a minor in English. She is from Durham, North Carolina and has a passion for singing opera. She also loves rainy days, playing the piano, and spending time with her amazing friends. Izzy’s favorite memory with the Walk-Ons was hearing her first arranged piece being sung by the group, and she is constantly in awe of how talented her peers are. Her favorite type of shoes are her sleek black boots because they make her feel fancy while also making her a few inches taller.


Jaydn Jones

Concert Manager

Senior/Alto & Soprano

Jadyn is a Senior transfer Public Policy and Sociology double-major from Henderson North Carolina. She joined the Walkons because she loves to sing but didn't have very many outlets to express her musicality. She finds it so exciting to be part of such an awesome crew and have this sense of community. She loves the variety of songs, interests, and passions embedded in this group because she feels it encourages individual and social growth. She doesn't know if she has a favorite shoe but shes on the hunt for a solid pair of black combat boots. She's so jealous of everyone else’s!

Alice McCracken Knight

Publicity Manager/Asst. Concert Manager


Alice is a Dramatic Art and Communications double major from Boone, NC. They love to sing, read, and be outside (hiking, biking, skiing... you name it!), and you'll usually find them biking across campus from one meeting to another. Outside of the Walk Ons, Alice serves on LAB! Theatre's Executive Board and acts in both student and faculty-led theatre. Their favorite Walk Ons memory is probably the spring 2021 concert because it was so rewarding to be performing in-person together. Alice's favorite shoes are their Blundstones, which are old and worn but perfect nonetheless.


Kevin Wholey

Co-Social Chair

Senior/Tenor & Baritone

Kevin is a senior from Charlotte, North Carolina seeking a Psychology and Dramatic Arts major. They are so excited to be serving as the Walk-Ons co-social chair this semester! They enjoy making incredible covers on their Instagram (@kevinwholeymusic) and performing on stage with Company Carolina theater! Kevin's favorite memory with the Walk-Ons is at the semesterly retreats where they get to meet the new Baby Steps and enjoy a long weekend with their second family. They never goes anywhere without their Chacos.

Thompson Sewell

Asst. Publicity Manager


Thompson is from Athens, GA and is a sophomore dramatic art major with a global film studies minor. He intends on going into film acting post graduation. Some of his hobbies are watching movies (surprise surprise), weight lifting, physical art (check out his photography account @wesatherson), listening to music, and spending way too much money going out to eat with his friends. Peaky Blinders is his current show obsession, and he demands all other fans “by order of the Peaky Blinders” to contact him so you can be friends. He’s also a coffee fiend, and would love to go get coffee with you (or Boba or Yopo or whatever your preference is, he just wants to hangout dang it!). His favorite memory with the Walkons would definitely have to be the 2021 fall retreat and the shenanigans that occurred with these friends he loves so much.


Arushi Majumdar

Our Sun, Moon, and Stars


Arushi is a Junior Neuroscience major with minors in Biology and Japanese from Morrisville North Carolina. She loves bullet journalling and can talk with her mouth closed so you could say she's incredibly gifted. She's so excited to make lovely music and memories with the Walk-Ons! She can’t wait until the Walk-Ons are able to rehearse and perform in person again. Her favorite shoe is probably the right shoe of her chunky filas. She understands that they’re roastable shoes, but thinks they’re fire and refuses to believe otherwise >:).

Jake Gerardi

Our Earth, Wind and Fire


Jake is a sophomore from a small town near Syracuse, New York majoring in American Indian / Indigenous Studies and Contemporary European Studies and a minor in Russian. They are a member of the EXCEL @Carolina’s European Transatlantic Masters’ cohort and Campus Y’s Global Gap Year Fellowship (‘19-‘20). They LOVE learning new languages, traveling, creating traditional beadwork, playing the violin, or belting show tunes in their 2010 Chevy Impala, Spanky. They are SUPER stoked to be a part of the a cappella community and continue creating music with others. Their favorite shoe is a pair of custom white vans they traded for a pair of beaded earrings which have a Bluebird Flour Sack sewn onto them. You can find them wearing them on (non-rainy) Fridays, a day they have come to lovingly embrace as “Flour-shoe Friday”.


Lou Lindsley

Baby Step!


Lou is a first-year studying Biostatistics. Plucked straight from Pennsylvanian Amish country, Lou has seen his fair share of horses and buggies, whoopie pies, and large flat fields of farmland. He enjoys playing piano, writing songs, producing music, and most of all… eating spoonfuls of peanut butter. His favorite Walk Ons memory was going to Cosmic and having one of the best (and messiest) burritos he’s ever eaten. Being both a Baby Step and a freshman, he is excited to experience more of Chapel Hill with his fellow Walk Ons. Also… his favorite shoes are his yellow crocs which he uses to strike fear into his enemies.

Mia Yara

Baby Step!


Miasol Yara is a Environmental Science and Creative Writing major from Charlotte, NC. She loves animals, writing, art, and all things music. In her free time she likes to jam out with her band Faux Funk or watch Rupaul's Drag Race. Miasol's favorite shoes are her Brooks sneakers that make it feel like walking in clouds. Her favorite WalkOns memory is roasting fellow member Kevin during her audition.


Reed Frellick

Baby Step!


Reed is a junior studying Statistics and Analytics and Computer Science. Born and raised in Asheville, NC, he loves hiking and running and getting out in nature. An avid sports fan, Reed will ALWAYS talk your ear off about any of the Boston pro sports teams or the Tar Heels. Around campus you’ll find him cooking up fresh favs for dinner on Thursday’s at Presbyterian Campus Ministry, working with the Baseball Analytics team at Boshamer Stadium or singing way louder than he needs to with the Walk Ons. His favorite Walk On memory was coming into the audition knowing nothing about the group and being warmly welcomed by such a wonderful group of talented people, but he hopes to make more great memories in the future! His favorite shoes are his Chacos, which are always great for going on adventures in.

Tanner Arter

Baby Step!


Tanner Arter is currently majoring in Media and Journalism and Political science, with a minor in Creative Writing. When they’re not busy with rehearsals or class, you can find them in Hill Hall playing a piano. They also enjoy creating traditional and digital artworks. Tanner’s favorite shoes are their black victorian heels because they feel like they could use them as a weapon if needed. Their favorite WalkOns memory is the first ‘Wednesdays with the WalkOns’ they performed in.