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The UNC Walk-Ons are a diverse group of musicians with varying majors and interests. Our differences are integral to the eclectic energy of the group, as we are always introducing each other to new ideas and ways of moving through the world.


Sophie Teague



Sophie (she/her) is a Junior from Charlotte, North Carolina majoring in Political Science with a double minor in Women and Gender Studies and Human Development, Sustainability, and Rights in Africa and the African Diaspora. She loves to spend time with her friends and is obsessed with The West Wing tv show.  Sophie would also like to give a shoutout to her dogs Cooper (RIP) and Lucy who have had to listen to her sing very often and who she loves very much. Her favorite shoes are her new balances that go with basically everything she wears.

Izzy Kosempa

Music Director


Izzy (she/her) is a junior majoring in Music with a minor in English. She is from Durham, North Carolina, and has a passion for singing opera. She also loves rainy days, playing the piano, and spending time with her amazing friends. Izzy’s favorite memory with the Walk-Ons was hearing her first arranged piece being sung by the group, and she is constantly in awe of how talented her peers are. Her favorite type of shoes are her sleek black boots because they make her feel fancy while also making her a few inches taller.


Logan Kaelin

Vice President


Logan (he/him) is a Sophomore from Raleigh NC, doubling in Political Science and Public Policy.  On campus, he is involved in student government and other advocacy groups. His favorite shoes are his white air-forces with the purple soles.

Casey Kibe


Casey (she/her) is a Management & Society and Sociology major with a minor in Entrepreneurship from Lynchburg, Virginia. She is in her fourth year with the Walk-Ons! She is the lead singer of CSBand (@csband_), loves to play the electric guitar and spends most of her time serenading her cat, Stevie. One of her first and favorite memories with the Walk-Ons was the excitement the night she found out she was in the a cappella group. As an Out-of-State student she was very lucky to find her small supportive community the second week she walked on to campus. Her Favorite type of shoe is the Firkenstock. Fake Birkenstocks.


Maggie Albert


Maggie (she/they) is an Anthropology and Political Science double major from Waxhaw, North Carolina, currently in her fourth year with the Walk-Ons. She enjoys listening to new music, reading, and having deep political conversations at 3 am. Her favorite memory with the Walk-Ons is her first concert with the group in Fall of 2019. She loves being a member of the Walk-Ons because she feels it is one place on campus she can truly be her authentic self and do so while making beautiful music. She loves her light pink dino stompers (aka Filas) and is currently on her second pair.

Miasol Yara

Assistant Music Director/Social Chair


Miasol Yara (they/them) is an Anthropology and Creative Writing major from Charlotte, NC. They love animals, writing, art, and all things music. In their free time they like to jam out with their band Faux Funk or watch Rupaul's Drag Race. Miasol's favorite shoes are their Brooks sneakers that make it feel like walking in clouds. Their favorite WalkOns memory is roasting fellow member Kevin during their audition.


Ethan Bunch

Music Arranger


Ethan (he/they) is from Raleigh, NC and he’s majoring in vocal performance here at UNC. He owns over 40 Rubik’s cubes and his favorite shoes are his converse.

Bryn Giugno

Concert Team


Meet Bryn Giugno (she/her), from Raleigh, NC. A Political Science and PWAD double major with an English minor. She managed to find time to join the UNC Walk-Ons! She’s excited to get to know new people and become a part of such a talented group! Having loved singing since she was a kid, she never had an opportunity to try a cappella! Her favorite shoes are her Chelsea Dr. Martens.


Tanner Arter

Publicity Team


Tanner Arter (they/he/she) is currently majoring in Media and Journalism and Political science, with a minor in Creative Writing. When they’re not busy with rehearsals or class, you can find them in Hill Hall playing a piano. They also enjoy creating traditional and digital artworks. Tanner’s favorite shoes are their black victorian heels because they feel like they could use them as a weapon if needed. Their favorite WalkOns memory is the first ‘Wednesdays with the WalkOns’ they performed in.

Will Kleinschmidt

Treasurer/Publicity Team


Will (he/they) is a sophomore studying Media and Journalism He was born in Virginia and grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina. Will always loved singing and did theater and choir in high school. His favorite shoe is white converse because they go with everything.


Morgan Brenner

Concert Team/Social Chair


Morgan (she/her) is planning on majoring in Journalism and minoring in English and is from Charlotte, North Carolina where her parents, brother, and two dogs live. For Morgan, being a member of the Walk-Ons means having a space where she can have fun and feel productive. Her favorite pair of shoes is her white boots that she will be wearing at the concert.

Robbie London

Concert Team


Robbie (he/him) is a Sophomore Health Policy and Management major from King, North Carolina. He loves scrolling tik tok, talking, telling a good joke, and watching every season of drag race. His favorite shoes are his birkenstocks because you have to let your dogs out sometimes.


Russel Herrington


Russel (he/him) is from Raleigh, North Carolina looking to major in Media and Journalism (Advertising) and minor in Hispanic Studies. He loves to bake, even if it doesn’t always turn out the best, and has been trying to learn the bass for one year to no avail. Russel’s favorite shoes are his blue checkered vans that are falling apart from years of use and being chewed on by his dog, Bogey.

Juniper Rakhman-Gerardi


Juniper (they/them) is from a small town near Syracuse, New York. They are majoring in interdisciplinary studies with a focus on fashion & apparel design, along with minors in anthropology and Indigenous studies. They LOVE learning new languages, traveling, creating traditional beadwork, sewing, going to estate sales, and taking weekend trips in the ol' soobie. Their favorite shoe is a pair of custom white vans they traded for a pair of beaded earrings which have a Bluebird Flour Sack sewn onto them. You can find Juniper wearing them on (non-rainy) Fridays, a day they have come to lovingly embrace as “Flour-shoe Friday”.


Noah Houser

Business Manager


Noah (he/him) is a Junior, double majoring in Political Science and English!  He loves making music and reading! He LOVES cinnamon raisin bagels.  He’s super excited for this year as a new member of the UNC Walk-Ons! His favorite shoes are his black-and-white checker Vans.

Trey Thurman

Publicity Team


Trey (he/him) is majoring in Psychology with a minor in Korean! He loves rock climbing making music, acting, and GRINDING! He’s looking forward to getting to know everyone in the Walk-Ons family, to grow as a musician, and to learn a lot.


Rachel Null


Rachel (she/her) is from Fayetteville, NC, and she’s majoring in…you guessed it! Political science! She’s also doubling with History and is on that pre-law track. In her free time, she loves running , yoga , and reading! She’s an avid ukulele player too! She’s excited to be a Walk-On and is looking forward to performing at concerts together!

Isaac Connan

Junior/Vocal Percussion

Isaac (he/him) is from Greenville, South Carolina and he's a Junior majoring in Business.  Every night before going to sleep he thinks about the fact that he may not wake up, and so far every day he's woken up with a smile, grateful for another day filled with opportunities.

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